Quartz Plaster


If your wanting something a little more durable than regular plaster, Quartz is the way to go. Instead of a 5 year life span on regular plaster, you can expect to get 12 to 30 years out of a Quartz Pool

The Process


Once you decided on the plaster and we have an agreement, we will get started by draining your pool, then prepping your pool with a bond coat. The next day our truck will arrive ready to shoot your new plaster

The day your pool gets a makeover


Our crew will arrive and prep for plaster. Once the shooting of your new plaster has begun a team of trowelers will go to work smoothing out the surface.



Once our crew has completed the final finish, and the Plaster is fully dried, we will start to fill your pool. From the time we drain your pool and  start to fill it back up, it usually takes 3 days.

Start up


Start up processes differ depending on the type of plaster you choose, so we follow a strict process to insure your new plaster cures as it was designed too.



After about 3 days of the start up process, we will neutralize the chemicals, turn on your pool equipment and start to balance out your water chemistry. It is at this point that we turn the process over to the home owner with precise instructions as to the maintenance going forward